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To experience the Positive results Spiritual Healing can bring. We have lots of information below, including a comprehensive range of Classes & Tutorials & our book Awaken to the Light - A Starter Pack Guide to Spiritual Awareness...
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Bob and Jan met in N.Z., they are partners in The Healing Energy Light Centre, They are Presidents of the NFSH (N.Z.) Inc., an organisation they founded and formed in N.Z. Jan originates from Vancouver, Canada and Bob from the East End of London, so they have already linked Canada, UK. and N.Z. Both are N.Z. Citizens and both have many talents which, brought together, add to a formidable array of abilities which they wish to share with other people. Bob is clairvoyant and has been consistently commended on his very special gift. Jan is an exceptional healer with a long list of successes. They travel throughout the North Island giving "services" at Spiritualist Churches and have been very well received for their different and very enjoyable style of presentation. Last, but not least, Jan and Bob are the authors of an amazing book "Awaken To The Light" which they have published themselves. This book has been accepted as "recommended reading" by the NFSH U.K. and is distributed in the U.K. by a major book company.



Both Bob and Jan are Full Healer members of the NFSH U.K. and both are fully licensed as "International Tutors" of this organisation. This allows them to formally present the NFSH Basic Healing Development Courses 1 - 4 and issue internationally recognised certificates. Both are fully experienced in Therapeutic Massage. Bob and Jan are President and Vice President of the NFSH (N.Z.) being Founder Members Bob is also President of IPANZ - The Information Providers Association of N.Z. (0900 Association). Both are full Members of The Natural Health Practitioners of N.Z.  under "Natural Therapies". Bob is also a member of the Natural Therapies Presidential Board. 

Both Bob and Jan are now Bishops in the Internationally Renowned and Recognised Madonna Ministry. They were Consecrated as Bishops in a ceremony in Australia in September 2003.  

They have also been accepted as Reverent Ministers in "The Eagle Lodge all Faiths Church". This Ordination also took place in Australia in September 2003.



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The Healing Trust



The Book
Awaken to the Light
A Starter - Pack Guide to Spiritual Awareness by Bob & Jan Arnold

See Full Details Below.

(Other people's as well as your own.)

Do you feel drained of energy? Do you find it hard to concentrate?
Do you get frequent headaches? Do you feel spaced out at times?
Do you hear voices in your head? Do you see unusual things?
Do you pick up and absorb other peoples pain and emotions?
This book is a "Rescue Remedy"
for all the above listed problems and more.

"It is an excellent book invaluable to the person just becoming spiritually
aware and the experienced Light Worker alike."

(S. Brooker, NFSH Healing Review Magazine, U.K.)

This book is a basic guide and teaching reference workbook to:

The Universal/Cosmic Energy - what it is, how it affects us, how to control it and why we need this control.
The Protection - what they are, how to do them and why they are necessary.
A basic introduction to Meditation - how to do it safely (includes information for Group work and Group Leadership.).
A basic introduction to Spiritual Healing - how to attune to and utilise the Universal/Cosmic healing energy to help yourself and others (based on NFSH N.Z. & U.K. principles).
A basic introduction to Spiritual Awareness - Clairvoyance and 'Opening to Channel'.


AVAILABLE NOW $45 (Revised Edition)
(Please make cheques payable to "THE HEALING ENERGY LIGHT CENTRE")

(freepostage anywhere in New Zealand)


The Healing Energy Light Centre

The Healing Energy Light Centre

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